Ductwork Supply Only Manufacturing

Pro-Duct can offer an unrivalled B2B Supply only service, offering quality products to a Varian of specification’s and customer’s needs in a timeously fashion.

spiro-machine2Our Duct shop can offer the following pro-ducts (Spiral Items may be in stock).

  • Rectangular Ductwork to any size or specification
  • Spiral Ductwork and fittings from 100mm Dia to 1000mm Dia (See below images of the Spiral machine we use.
  • Fire Rated FM 120 Ductwork (2Hour Stability, 2Hour Integrity and Nil Insulation
  • Fire Dampers Both Circular and Rectangular
  • Multi blade Type Volume Control Dampers both Circular and Rectangular
  • Single Blade Dampers from 80mm Dia to 300mm Dia