“A Company Built on Reliability”


Based in Fife, Scotland we operate from our 20,000sq Feet production Facility where we service an ever growing Customer base covering all Industry sectors.

The Company is renowned for its quick response and attention to Customer requirements to suit the “fast-track” nature of the Industry.

Our Production facility and investment in the most up-to-date manufacturing equipment ensures Customer satisfaction and completion of projects to a High standard at all times.


G.S.S Ductwork (DW-144)

Pro-Duct specialise in the manufacturing of sheet metal ductwork all in accordance with HVCA DW144 and British Standards Specifications. Pro-Duct manufacture ductwork to the highest quality standards to meet all clients’ requirements to projects throughout the UK. We manufacture all G.S.S ductwork items “in house” offering solutions to a wide Varian of projects and customers


Pro-Seal Ductwork (DW-144 )

Pro-Duct Group have recently purchased a new fitting shaper 1250, this will enable us to provide a “Class D seal” type of joining system, this will reduce the leakage rate in the ventilation system resulting in reduced energy consumption costs, this is very popular within the Oil and Gas industry.

Fire Rated Duct Work

Pro-Duct manufacture and install fire rated ductwork systems all over the UK, working in partnership with Firemac. Firemac’s range of FM Fire Duct systems are extensively tested and assessed to BS 476: Part 24: 1987 (ISO 6944 – 1985). These systems such as Firemac FM60 (one hour fire resistance), Firemac FM120 (two hours fire resistance) and Firemac FM240 (four hours fire resistance) use a fire protection cloth called Firemac FM Fabric, bonded and mechanically fixed onto steel ductwork by Pro-Duct at the point of fabrication rather than on the building site.

Please contact us for further information or feel free to contact our supply partners Firemac – website below.


Fully Welded Ductwork

Pro-Duct can accommodate a large variety of standard and specialist fabrication of high integrity ducting and ancillary supports in both Carbon & Stainless Steel.

To ensure the highest quality finished product, and to eliminate cross contamination during fabrication, our workshops have been set out to provide truly segregated carbon steel/stainless steel manufacturing.

Pro-Duct also work in accordance with ISO 15138 and BS EN1090-2 for fully welded general fabrication and work in accordance with DW/144 & SMACNA for bespoke ducting.

Pre Insulated Ductwork (Koolduct)

Pro-Duct specialize in the manufacture of pre-insulated ductwork systems. This can be beneficial as the system weighs up to 75% less than ductwork constructed from galvanised sheet steel and insulated with mineral fibre – this makes it ideal for refurbishment projects, where existing building structures have insufficient load capacities for new service loads and typically saves up to 150–200 mm in a single dimension, since the space required to manually install a separate layer of insulation around the ductwork is eliminated – this allows ductwork to be installed flush to ceilings, walls and floors, as well as to surfaces within.

Bespoke Items

Pro-Duct can accommodate all different types of sheet metal fabricated items, from Trolleys, workbenches, tables, roof supports, Brackets, Site storage boxes, spray booths and bespoke ductwork items.  We can manufacture these items on request, Please contact us for more details.

Welcome to Our online store our aim is to provide a simple and quick way to purchase ventilation and ductwork supplies. Why choose us ? Unlike other Competitors we Manufacture all our Spiral, Ductwork and FIttings in house which ensures a quick turanround for next day delivery on standard stock items.


  • Spiral Tube Ductwork & Bends
  • Pro-Seal Duct & Fittings
  • Fabricated Circular Fittings
  • Rectangular / Square Ducting & Fittings
  • Ductwork Flanges
  • Stainless Steel Ductwork
  • Fire Rated FM.120 Ductwork and Fittings
  • Flexible Ducting
  • Grilles, Louvres & Circular Valves
  • Grilles, Linear & F.C.U Plenum Boxes
  • Dampers (various types)
  • Access Doors & Inspection Doors
  • Attenuators
  • Filters & Filter Boxes
  • Mechanical Fixings, Sealants & Supports